TBM OOTDs – Bloggers Edition

TBM OOTDs – Bloggers Edition

Want to achieve the same look as the top lifestyle bloggers but don’t know how to? In this section, we will feature our favourite OOTDs of the week and hopefully, you can get some ideas on how to perfect your next #OOTD shot.

This week, we will be featuring top lifestyle bloggers in their casual chic look. Casual chic isn’t simply a fashion style, it’s a lifestyle.

What we love about this style is its ability to look stylish without compromising on comfort, showing you don’t have be ‘done up’ and ‘designered-out’ to look great!

Scroll down to see the top picks and get inspirations on how you can dress casually yet look absolutely stylish!


Rachel Wong

Photo credits: http://instagram.com/rchlwngxx



Photo Credits: http://instagram.com/dreachong



Photo Credits: http://instagram.com/audreyxaudrey



Photo Credits: http://instagram.com/melissackoh




Photo Credits: http://instagram.com/chloeandchoo


Feature photo credits to www.dreachong.com