DIY Beauty Tips – Makeup Removal Wipes

DIY Beauty Tips – Makeup Removal Wipes

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As we go about our daily activities, we can’t go bare faced and we need to put on makeup. After a long day out, you just want to fall into bed when you get home. But we CAN’T because we have remove all that makeup from our faces. That is so annoying at times especially when we don’t have the energy to get up!!

Introducing your lifesaver, the humble Makeup remover wipes!

The thing is, wipes are easy-to-use but they run out quickly and that can get real pricey real fast! Makeup removal wipes are retailing at $17.90 for 44 sheets (That’s $0.40 for one sheet!). That means that if you use one makeup removal sheet per day, in a month you will be throwing away a whooping $12!

Our DIY makeup wipe can save you both time and money!

Read on to know how to save yourself some monies and whip up some wipes that works like magic!



What you will need:

1 Roll of paper towels
1x Container with a lid
1x Microwaveable bowl
250 ml of Purified water
2 tablespoons of Coconut oil
2 squirts of Tear-free baby wash
1x Utility knife


Where to get them:

Just pick up any microwavable bowl and container with a lid!

Coconut oil at for $17.80

Tear free Baby wash at Fairprice for $8.50

1 pack of 2 paper towels at Fairprice for $1.45


Total Cost

 1 Month supply=  $2.92  for 60 sheets (Instead of retail price $24 for 60 sheets)



1: In a microwaveable bowl, mix 2 cups of purified water, 2 tablespoons of coconut oil and 2 squirts of baby wash.

Warm the mixture in the microwave for five seconds and stir.

2: Fit the paper towel roll into the container and cut them width-wise with a sharp knife to fit if necessary.

3: Place the roll into the container and pour your makeup remover mixture over it.

Replace the lid and turn the container over to soak. Leave for five minutes, then turn it over and remove the cardboard centre.

4: Cut a small “X” in the lid so as to pull the wipes through.

And ta-da! You have a whole supply of makeup removal wipes ready! It’s just four simple steps and you save monies. Try this at home yourself and share with us the results in the comments box!