Lifestyle Review: LaserOPS

Lifestyle Review: LaserOPS

Have you ever wonder how is it like to hold a real gun? Sadly, we can’t get to try it in Singapore (unless you’re in army) but it’s okay! We’ll be introducing you to Laser guns instead!membership+rewards Team TBM were all very excited to experience an action-packed Laser tag game at LaserOPS. Read on to know more about our experience at the games!

LaserOPS, the indoor Laser Tag is an interactive game where players attempt to score points by tagging targets and opponents with a Phaser gun. LaserOPS promises an exciting session at Singapore’s largest indoor laser tag arena. Players can navigate through a maze, shoot down the opponents and score points!!!

LaserOPS is founded by a group of laser tag enthusiasts who dreamed of developing an unparalleled interactive indoor laser tag experience in Singapore. The area is located at Dhobby Ghaut MRT, very convenient for the masses and located directly below GAP Fashion store.

Upon arriving, we changed into our gear and left our belongings in the lockers for safe-keeping. Try not to keep your phones with you as it will involve some running and action in the area, you won’t want to drop your phones!

Team TBM all ready and suited up for the games! We are all geared up! – the Vest and Phaser are equipped with built-in sensors on the front, shoulders, and back, complete with speakers. Each time a sensor is hit, it vibrates and is recorded and transmitted real time to the score screen. That is how we can find out how many points we scored after the game! Each gun has a special code name, so you can check your score based on that name.
Before each laser tag mission, the LaserOPS marshal briefed us on the mission objective, game rules and safety procedures, equipment usage and most importantly… how to fire a Phaser! We played a total of three high intensity missions, lasting 10 minutes each.
MISSION ONE:  Gain as many points as possible for your team by shooting your opponents and any moving targets!
Once you are shot by your opponent, you are automatically disarmed for 4 seconds before you can shoot again. You have to run back to your base to deposit the points once its more than 500.

There we go, all ready to enter the arena! The maze arena is specially designed with lighting, black light and smoke effects; complimented with up tempo game sounds, creating a thrilling atmosphere. 10 minutes passed by with just a blink of the eye! At the end of the game, everyone will be gathered outside for  short break as well as to review our scores on the screen.


MISSION TWO: Protect your base and attack opponent base!

Mission 2 is another team game as we have to protect our base and still shoot the opponent base for 3 consecutive times so that we gain points by destroying their base. It takes some tactical skills to plan our team strategy, be calm once you are in the arena!


MISSION THREE: Survival game, Be the last one standing!

For the last round, it’s every man for himself! Shoot anyone and everyone else to gain points, and every 2 minutes the person with the lowest score will be eliminated. It will be the final showdown when its down to the last few players!



Overall its an adrenaline pumping fun and challenging game, there’s up to 35 thrilling game formats to cater to different ages, gender & fitness level! The entire experience was full of excitement and fun, and provides an excellent bonding experience between families, friends or colleagues. The venue is 5,500 sf, and it has recently been revamped! Excited about the new challenges and surprises it will offer?




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Various benefits of being a member with LaserOPS! For $50 you actually get a free 3 missions voucher worth $36! If you act fast for the launch promo special, you get another extra 1 mission voucher worth $18 and pay just $10 for a T-shirt! You definitely will not want to miss this!



60A Orchard Road
Singapore 238890

Tel: +65 6884 4890 / +65 8375 4143
Nearest MRT: Dhobby Ghaut MRT