X’mas Staycation at BIG Hotel

X’mas Staycation at BIG Hotel

What better way to spend post-Christmas weekend than to have a lazy staycation with your special other? Especially after an exhausting and hectic and (many thanks to you guys,) successful #LASTTBMFLEA the previous weekend, the thought of having a staycation to unwind and recharge was extra-tempting so…

Upon knowing that TBM was invited for a 1-night Executive room stay at BIG Hotel, I instantly pounced at the opportunity. Hehehe!!!!!! No sense of shame but NO RAGRETS.

If you’re a fan of industrial/Scandinavian design, you’re absolutely going to love this place.


Unlike most other hotel lobbies which tend towards elegance and grandeur, BIG Hotel’s exudes a very cosy and homely feeling. Two words, LOVE IT. Got very comfortable hanging around the Scandinavian-themed living room hotel lobby while waiting for the Special Other (SO) to arrive. I almost fell asleep on the sofa despite the crowd because it was REALLY comfortable. If I were to ever become homeless, BIG Hotel’s lobby would be the first place I head to. Hahahaha no lah just kidding. I hope I won’t ever have to be homeless.

Anyway, the check-in process was swift and hassle-free, thanks to the very efficient hotel receptionist. 🙂


Entering our room at 1123!!! Just saying so you can buy 4D.


The room was rather small (15 – 16 sqm) but it was perfect for 2 pax. The SO and I were pleasantly surprised by how spacious the room felt though. I was also particularly fascinated by how well-designed the room was in terms of maximising space utility.


Terribly taken photographs lol. But do you see what I mean?? Lots and lots of effort was put in to ensure that the room does not become too cramped.

The sink’s placement was rather unique; it was my first time seeing a sink outside the toilet (Hipsters would appreciate this, I think). I also loved that there was no wardrobe in the room because 1) it really opens up quite a bit of space and 2) one less door for us to knock on when we enter the room HAHAHA you know the old wives’ tale…

My favourite part was the space for the luggages though. Isn’t it ingenious?!? I’m typically a messy person (I’m sure the whole TBM team can vouch for that) but with this allocated luggage space, there was absolutely no excuse to have my belongings strewn all over the place.


As I mentioned earlier, a lazy staycation. So we spent our whole time lazing in bed and watching TV and switching from channels to channels using the tablet provided. I must say the selection for the channels and movies was pretty impressive.

Side disclaimer: I do not have man-hands. Those hands don’t belong to me.


You can even switch the lights on/off using the tablet!! So cool right!!! Or is it that I’m very suaku cos I’ve never seen this before?

There was no reason for us to get out of bed with all the amenities and switches within reach, and especially so when the bed is incredibly soft and springy! That’s, of course, unless you need to go to the toilet… (please don’t pee on the bed!)

Eh, okay actually I just remembered that there was a reason to get out.



I’m not weird I just like chewing on ice. Cannot meh?

No room service at BIG Hotel, but can self-service!!!!! The machine dispenses both cold and hot water too, so no worries about having no fridge in the room or being lazy to boil water. Damn convenient!!!!




Okay fast forward to next morning cos sleeping time was too short (bed was too comfortable so time felt like it flewwww away).


Breakfast buffet is a top up of $15/pax. Mine was complimentary but we had to pay for the SO’s portion.

To be honest I was a little disappointed upon entering BIG Hotel’s dining area. I’ve always loved hotel breakfast buffets for their extensive range of choices, but the spread here seemed rather limited comparatively. However the food was really good despite the small selection!! I would say the $15 was well-spent 🙂


Check out my (healthier) breakfast and the SO’s (less healthy) carb-laden one. Very yumsss I’m missing the grilled tomatoes now…

Went back to our room after breakfast to pack up and prepare for check out at 11am. On our way out, we noticed this:


HAHAHA love the sense of humour there.

Thank you BIG Hotel for this amazing & rejuvenating weekend staycation. Now I’m back, recharged and full of energy, to deliver to you guys an awesome line-up of TBM XX this year! Stay tuned!! 🙂

If you wish to experience the same awesome staycation I had, or simply just have enquiries regarding BIG Hotel, please do not hesitate to contact them via the lines/email below!

BIG Hotel
200 Middle Road, Singapore 188980

Main line: +65 6809 7988
Reservation: +65 6809 7998
Sales: +65 6809 7990
Email: contactus@bighotel.com


All photos taken using Sony Xperia Z3